Managing My Positions
My page shows the Strike Tokens you are holding (both active and liquidated), the Liquidity Pools you are providing liquidity to, and the Rewards you earn.

To manage active tokens, click Asset and Active filter

  • On the page, it shows the active Strike Tokens details (i.e. amount, value, price, risk level, liquidation price, and asset price at liquidation)
  • By clicking on Trade button, user will be directed to Trade page where they can buy/sell that token

To manage liquidity providing positions, click Liquidity Providing and Active filter.

On Liquidity Providing page, there are two main sections: Receiving Rewards and Not Receiving Rewards. Users can see their positions in liquidity pools that are receiving rewards and are not receiving rewards.
  • In Receiving Rewards section, users can see their earned rewards (both pending and claimable). It also shows each pool’s reward APR, withdrawable assets and Risk Level. Please visit here for more details on liquidity mining
  • In Not Receiving Rewards section, users can see their active positions that are no longer gaining reward.
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