Understanding Strike Token Indicators
AlphaX offers users some indicators to help user evaluate the best Strike Tokens that suit their investment strategies.
  1. 1.
    Price: On AlphaX, there are Market price (M) and Oracle price (O). Users will buy and sell tokens at market price, but mint or redeem Strike Tokens at Oracle price.
  2. 2.
    Premium/Discount: Difference between Market price (M) and Oracle price (O), using Oracle price as a baseline which is calculated from (M-O)/O.
    • When Market price is higher than Oracle price (M>O), the AlphaX will show Premium of more than 0% (>0%).
    • When Market price is lower than Oracle price (M<O), AlphaX will show Discount of less than 0% (<0%).
  3. 3.
    Capital Efficiency: How much more capital efficient when buying a Strike Token instead of the real asset. Calculated from Asset price/Strike Token price. Hence, the percentage gain/loss for the Strike token = Asset price percentage gain/loss*capital efficiency
  4. 4.
    Risk Level: This shows a Strike Token’s risk of being liquidated calculated from Liquidation Price/Market Price. The higher the Risk Level means the closer to liquidation as demonstrated by the battery level and color.
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