Introducing AlphaX
“Imagine the perfect DApp that allows you to easily trade derivatives on-chain in a more capital-efficient way”
“And what if this DApp is so easy to use, that anyone with any level of DeFi knowledge can use it with ease?”

Welcome to AlphaX: The most capital-efficient way to trade derivatives on-chain.

AlphaX comparison to other derivatives trading platforms
AlphaX is the 2nd product in the Alpha DeFi ecosystem after Alpha Homora, offering a totally different way to easily trade derivatives on-chain in a more capital efficient way.
AlphaX introduces a new concept - Strike Token to trade derivatives by combining the strengths of perpetual swaps and leverage tokens to provide users with the most pleasant derivatives trading experience.
With the Strike Tokens concept, AlphaX is designed to provide an innovative way to profit from crypto volatility for any DeFi users while being user-friendly and composable with any DeFi protocols on-chain.
All you need to begin is to ask 2 simple questions:
  1. 1.
    Are you bullish or bearish in that particular asset?
  2. 2.
    If you are bullish, what do you think is the price floor or if you are bearish, what do you think is the price ceiling of that asset?
Note: These price floor/price ceiling can be referred to as the strike price, and hence the concept name “Strike Tokens”.

Getting Started

Start using AlphaX:
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