How Is Alpha Homora Different?
Alpha Homora is the first leveraged yield farming and leveraged liquidity providing product in DeFi and the first product by Alpha Finance Lab.
Alpha Homora has unlocked many unique use cases that cannot be found anywhere else in DeFi.
For anyone who wants to yield farm/provide liquidity with leverage πŸ‘‰ Alpha Homora is the only place that you can do that.
For anyone who wants to lend ETH πŸ‘‰ Alpha Homora now generates the highest lending APY on ETH in the market (no need to rely on yield farming APY).
For anyone who wants to yield farm (even without leverage) πŸ‘‰ Alpha Homora will be the go-to aggregate yield farming protocol that brings better user experience and maximizes alpha on your yield farming positions through unique features, such as loss-minimizing/gas-saving features, optimal swap functionality, and automatic reinvestment functionality.

Comparing Alpha Homora to other protocols in each segment

Security πŸ›‘

Alpha Homora's smart contracts has been reviewed by Peckshield. Please refer to Peckshield's write-up.
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