ALPHA governance token

ALPHA Utility

ALPHA tokens not only govern Alpha Homora protocol but also a portfolio of Alpha products. As Alpha Finance Lab continues to innovate in the DeFi space and build more Alpha products, ALPHA token holders will be able to propose and decide upon all features and changes to this portfolio of Alpha products. This allows the community to synergize multiple Alpha products together, optimizing yield and alphas to all users.

Utilities of ALPHA token can be broken down into multiple areas below.

  • 2-Level governance: product-level and Alpha Finance-level.

    • Product-level governance allows ALPHA token holders to govern key metrics of specific Alpha products.

    • Alpha Finance-level governance allows ALPHA token holders to govern how the portfolio of Alpha products interoperate.

  • Utility token for all Alpha products (e.g. provide liquidity or stake to receive % protocol fees) (not yet implemented)

  • Work token (e.g. token holders can use more functionalities on Alpha products) (not yet implemented)

  • Main token to leverage Alpha products interoperability (e.g. users stake ALPHA in order to unlock interoperability features among Alpha products) (not yet implemented)

Currently, ALPHA is a governance token, and token holders can vote on the opened proposals on (BSC and ETH versions). As Alpha products continue to grow in usages, we will continue to add more utility to ALPHA token.