Guide to transfer ERC-20 to BEP-20 token standard
BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To transfer the ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20, so you can lend BNB (BEP-20 standard) and open leveraged yield farming on Alpha Homora (vBSC), you have multiple options:
  1. 1.
    Transfer through Binance
  • Deposit ERC-20 token to your ERC-20 receiving wallet on Binance
  • Withdraw the deposited tokens as BEP-20 to your wallet on BSC. Alpha Homora (vBSC) now supports Metamask, Wallet Connect, and Binance Chain Wallet.
2. Transfer through Binance Bridge
  • Follow Binance guide here.
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