Migrating farming positions from legacy V2 to new V2
For those who have farming positions in V2 before the new V2 is relaunched (May 13th, 2021), be sure to migrate to ensure you continue to earn ALPHA rewards.

1) Click on Migration from Legacy V2 tab

2) Click a ‘Migrate to v2’ button

3) Remove liquidity from Alpha Homora legacy v2

4) Confirm supplying the liquidity to the same pool on the new Alpha Homora v2

If you want to supply more, you can also do so in this step.

5) Determine leverage level and assets you want to borrow

For some pools, you can decide to take leverage (or borrow) multiple assets. To learn more about this step, see here.
Note that the percentage under Borrow would have to be 100% in order for you to get the leverage level you selected.

6) Confirm the strategy

After that, Alpha Homora V2 will take care of the yield farming process for you. Note that once you have an open position, you need to monitor your positions and manage it to prevent liquidation. See how to manage your open positions here.
Last modified 6mo ago