Liquidity mining program


Liquidity mining program on Alpha Homora v2 Ethereum is active. Please see details here:
For more details on how to claim these rewards, please see here.

How to claim ALPHA rewards?

Accumulated ALPHA earned will be shown under your wallet address on Alpha Homora. Users will be able to claim ALPHA by clicking on your wallet address on Alpha Homora v2, then clicking claim. Note that claimable ALPHA (v1 + v2) will be available for users to claim on Alpha Homora V2 site only.
ALPHA rewards will be available to claim:
  • By September 8th for the new period (ending Sept 1st)
  • By September 22nd for the new period (ending September 15th)
Leveraged yield farming on the new Alpha Homora V2 can get you ~2x the ALPHA rewards than on Alpha Homora V1 on Ethereum.
Last modified 2mo ago