Liquidity Mining Program


The liquidity mining program on Alpha Homora v2 Avalanche is active.
  • First period will be 13 days (December 2nd - December 15th).
  • Second period will be 21 days (December 15th - January 5th).
  • And then each period after that will go back to 14 days.
Claimable date is one week after the liquidity mining period ends.
To find out how much ALPHA & AVAX is allocated to you, please see our recent blog titled: New Liquidity Mining Period & Rewards for Alpha Homora V2 on Avalanche

How to Claim ALPHA & AVAX Rewards

Accumulated ALPHA & AVAX earned will be shown on Your Position page. You will see a separate option to "Claim" for ALPHA and AVAX.
Please note that AVAX will be distributed in a form of WAVAX. Users will have an option to claim their rewards as WAVAX or convert them to AVAX.
Select how to claim rewards
If they choose "Claim as WAVAX", users can immediately claim their rewards to their wallets.
If they choose "Claim as AVAX", users would be able to swap WAVAX distributed to AVAX.
  1. 1.
    Click Claim to claim your WAVAX rewards
  2. 2.
    Choose the amount of WAVAX they would like to convert to AVAX, then click Convert
Select the amount of WAWAX to convert to AVAX and claim
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