The Alpha Launchpad DeFi incubator program is the first and only launchpad program created by builders for builders. Alpha Launchpad focuses on incubating DeFi projects from the ground up and driving significant growth post launch.

How do incubated projects benefit from Alpha Launchpad?

Selected incubated projects that pass a thorough screening process will get to work with the core Alpha team to successfully launch and grow their DeFi projects. The areas of hands-on support, mentorship, and advice include

  1. Product-market fit: Fine-tune product ideas for the maximum product-market fit

  2. Tech consulting: Technical guidance, smart contract review, and mentorship pre and post launch for the maximum security and tech optimization

  3. Business & growth hacking consulting: Mentor and train the incubated projects on business, marketing, community building, investors relations, and growth hacking tactics to launch and grow successfully

  4. Token economics design: Innovate on tokenomics design to bring maximum utility and value accrual to the tokens.

  5. Fundraising process: Connect and onboard the right top-tier investors based on the nature of the DeFi platforms and guide the incubated projects throughout the fundraising process

  6. Launch supported by Alpha: Alpha Wolf community will support the incubated projects at launch through providing support such as marketing, PR, and community building

  7. Be a part of the Alpha Universe: Incubated projects will get to leverage a large user base of the Alpha Universe. Alpha Universe is consisted of Alpha products and other products incubated from Alpha Launchpad

How does the Alpha Wolf community benefit from Alpha Launchpad?

For those who stake ALPHA tokens, you will not only get protocol fees collected from Alpha products (existing), but will soon get

  1. A share of incubated projects’ tokens

  2. A share of incubated projects’ protocol fees

For those using Alpha products, you will also unlock new DeFi use cases by leveraging the connected building blocks between products of Alpha and those of the incubated projects.