Alpha Thinkers - Submit Grant Proposals
Below is the guideline for Alpha Thinkers to submit grant proposals with development ideas (in detail) that bring value to the Alpha ecosystem.
This is an open-ended grant program, so as long as your proposal contributes to the Alpha ecosystem or helps the Alpha ecosystem participants (e.g. token holders, token stakers, Alpha Homora lenders, Alpha Homora yield farmers) in some way, we encourage you to submit your development idea.
Remember that if the proposed development grants are approved by the Alpha Finance core development team, Alpha Thinkers (the person/team proposing the grant) will receive 5% of the grant amount in ALPHA tokens when the development is complete.
Alpha Team is regularly reviewing new proposals submitted. The approved proposals will then be funded via the Alpha Grants Program.

How to submit a new grant proposal?

Email [email protected] with the following information. Please see details under Grant #1 as an example.
    Contact information (we will contact you when your proposed grant is approved and development is complete, as you are eligible to receive 5% of the grant amount)
    Objective of this developer grant
    Describe what you are building in 1–3 sentences.
    How would this development bring significant value to the Alpha ecosystem? What problems does this development solve?
    Detailed level scope of the development (see example from Grant #1 here)
    Technical skills needed to complete this development
    In a case that you wish to work on this development in addition to submitting a proposal, please submit this form here.

Proposal evaluation

Proposals will then be evaluated based on:
    Benefits the proposed developments provide to Alpha ecosystem participants
    Business potential & viability
    Capital efficiency/grant usage
Join as Alpha Thinkers. Submit your grant proposal and get compensated when the development is complete!
Last modified 5mo ago