Q1: What is Alpha Finance Lab?

A1: here

Q2: Tokenomics of ALPHA token?

A2: here

Q3: What are the usage of ALPHA token?

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Q4: How many products are in Alpha Finance ecosystem right now?

A4: 3 Products of Alpha Homora

  • 1.Alpha Homora V1 on Ethereum (Read the documentation here)

  • 2.Alpha Homora V1 on BSC (Read the documentation here)

  • 3.Alpha Homora V2 on Ethereum (Read the documentation here)

Q5: What's coming next?

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Q6: Who's leading Alpha Finance Lab right now? Will Alpha Finance become a DAO?

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Q7: List of Alpha Finance's partners & projects that Alpha Finance's products integrate with?

A7: here

Q8: How can I find the Alpha community groups?

A8: You can find Alpha official community group here

And here for local communities group

Q9: How can I find files of Alpha logos and branding assets?

A9: here

Q10: What does Alpha Finance Lab brand identity really mean?

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Q11: How can I contact Alpha Finance Lab?

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