ALPHA token usages

1. Stake ALPHA to earn a share of the fees collected from all Alpha products

2. Provide liquidity to ibETH-ALPHA pool on Uniswap via Uniswap or Alpha Homora to get trading fees.

2. Provide liquidity to ibETHv2-ALPHA pool on SushiSwap via SushiSwap or Alpha Homora v2 to get trading fees and SUSHI rewards.

3. Lend ALPHA on C.R.E.A.M. on Ethereum and BSC to earn lending interest.

4. Provide liquidity to ALPHA-BNT pool on Bancor.

  • Liquidity providers get

    • swap fees in ALPHA

    • rewards in BNT tokens

    • single-sided exposure

    • IL protection (have to provide liquidity for at least 30 days)