ALPHA tokenomics

This is the correct ALPHA token address. To see where ALPHA is traded, view here.

ALPHA token holders will benefit from the growth of all Alpha products, which include Alpha Homora (vEthereum), Alpha Homora (vBSC), Alpha Homora (v2), AlphaX, and many more innovative Alpha products that we are working on. ALPHA token holders will be an integral part of the growing multi-chain, Alpha ecosystem.

By staking your ALPHA, funds staked will be used to backstop the Alpha ecosystem to help secure the ecosystem.

How Is ALPHA Tokenomics Unique?

1) Stake ALPHA to Earn Fees from The Whole Alpha Ecosystem

With the new ALPHA tokenomics, ALPHA token holders will be able to stake ALPHA tokens to earn fees from the whole Alpha ecosystem regardless of which chains or layer-2 solutions the Alpha products are built on. This is by design, as we continue to grow the multi-chain, Alpha ecosystem.

ALPHA staking rewards are automatically compounded for users. Example: If a user stakes 100 ALPHA, and gets 10 ALPHA reward. Then the total staked ALPHA would be 110 ALPHA. The next reward distribution would treat you as having staked 110.

2) Unlock Unique Features on The Alpha Products

Once ALPHA tokens are staked, you will be able to ‘unlock’ unique features on the Alpha products when using those products as an ALPHA staker. This is one of the very first times that tokenomics is directly integrated with the usage of the core underlying protocols.

Note that Alpha Wolves can unlock these features on Alpha Homora v2 shortly after borrowing or farming functionality is re-enabled. Stay tuned!

3) Five Alpha Tiers

Depending on how many ALPHA tokens are staked, you will be in 1 of the 5 Alpha Tiers. The more you stake, the higher Alpha Tier you will be in.

The higher the Alpha Tier, the more unique features you can unlock when using the Alpha products.

4) Earn from Alpha Launchpad

For those who stake ALPHA tokens, you will not only get protocol fees collected from Alpha products (existing), but will soon get

  1. A share of incubated projects’ tokens

  2. A share of incubated projects’ protocol fees (for selected projects)

Learn more about Alpha Launchpad here.

5) ALPHA Tokenomics Unites the Alpha Ecosystem

As a result, the ALPHA tokenomics makes value accrual not limited to fees collection from the ecosystem, but integral to the usage of the core Alpha protocols. As we continue to build more innovative Alpha products and incubate more DeFi projects, ALPHA tokens will continue to unite the growing Alpha ecosystem.