Alpha team

While Alpha Finance Lab is led by Tascha Punyaneramitdee and Nipun Pitimanaaree now, the project will become decentralized overtime.

Tascha (Project Lead)

Tascha graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor degree in Economics and started her career in Investment Banking at Jefferies in San Francisco then in London. As an Investment Banker, she advised technology, media, and telecommunications companies on various types of financial deals, including IPO, M&A, private placement, and debt financing. Tascha pivoted to join Tencent in Thailand as a Product Manager, leading the expansion and localization of a machine learning-driven news and content platform in Southeast Asia. Prior to starting Alpha Finance Lab, Tascha was the Head of Strategy at Band Protocol to help drive Band Protocol’s usages across various DeFi projects. Tascha has work experience in the United States, Europe, and Thailand.

Nipun (Lead Blockchain Engineer)

Nipun graduated from MIT with a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (4.9/5.0) and a bachelor degree in Mathematics (4.9/5.0) and Computer Science (4.9/5.0). He has won 4 gold and 1 silver medals from the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), and is currently ranked 3rd in the IMO hall-of-fame (global ranking). While at Tech Square Trading, he developed an automated stock price prediction algorithm based on quantitative time-series data, which was deployed into real usage. He also self-developed an algorithm to detect and trade arbitrages in cryptocurrency markets. Prior to joining Alpha Finance Lab, he was the Chief Research Officer at OZT Robotics, focusing on researching new innovations in the machine learning field and leading a team of developers.